The Common Denominator 

At Bedford Home Design, LTD we strive to give all of our clients the best quality at the best price. As you can see below, we have several different cabinet lines that our clients can choose from. Although all of the cabinets range in price, there is one common offering. All of our cabinets here at Bedford Home Design, include a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. Feel free to click on the logo’s and see more about the wonderful cabinet shops that we work with.

Our Custom Shops


Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Superior Woodcraft is our longest standing vendor for custom cabinetry.  Its shop offers our clients the highest end of custom cabinetry at a great price. Their craftsmen create truly custom, fully functional, highly aesthetic pieces of unparalleled quality and everlasting beauty.


Located in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Hickory Creek Cabinetry crafts cabinets from time-honored techniques which draw from the past but focus on the future. Hickory creek helps us stay dedicated to providing you with beautiful, high-end custom cabinetry that combines elegance with utility for a space you will love to live and work in. Our account with Hickory Creek Cabinetry offers our clients and designers another option for their custom cabinetry needs.

Our Hybrid Shop

Elmwood Logo COL 572kb jpeg.web-2

Since 1973, Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry and its designers have been providing high quality custom cabinetry. These many years of experience have earned Elmwood a solid reputation as a leader in the industry. Elmwood Custom cabinetry offers our clients a variety of unique finishes that are difficult to find in most cabinet lines. Elmwood Cabinetry also offers our clients a variety of construction types to help our clients stay on budget.

Our Semi-Custom Cabinets


Medallion Cabinetry helps us achieve our goals by empowering us with a wide variety of unique styles, materials, hand-applied finishes, optional tailoring and loads of organizing and storage solutions, while still remaining competitively priced—no small task. Homeowners that choose Medallion Cabinetry will select from a variety of semi-custom wood cabinetry. By offering three different lines, gold, silver, and platinum, Medallion Cabinetry allows us to bid on even the smallest of home renovation projects.